Bruce Scheer's Professional Philosophy



Bruce Scheer has 25 years full time experience representing buyers and sellers in Silicon Valley (Santa Clara County). He approaches real estate service from a different point of view… Yours! 
Bruce knows that understanding your priorities are the keys to achieving results when he helps you buy or sell a home. That’s why he listens, really listens, to your needs and then develops a specific plan to help you realize them.
Bruce maintains an open line of communication that starts the day you meet and continues throughout your transaction and even after it closes. He has a follow up system that will keep you informed every step of the way whether it involves getting your home sold or finding the right home to buy. In either case, it’s a safe feeling to know exactly where you stand at all times, and it’s comforting to work with someone who has your best interests in mind!
Bruce’s style is to provide you with the facts, figures and information and then wait for your decision… within your time frame…without outside pressure. You are in control of the process. You won’t hear “Oh, don’t worry, you can afford it” or “I think you need to move on this right away”. Bruce will always be your advocate as opposed to being an advocate of “just closing the deal”.
You will always be guided, never pushed.

The highest level of service to his clients is what sets Bruce apart and has enabled him to rise to the top of his field. To learn more about Bruce’s real estate service, call him today - or better yet... email him with your questions or needs. You’ll find it a pleasure to talk with a real estate professional who sees things from your point of view.